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The Tim Lee Band was, "The Tim Lee Trio" at it's inception.  The Tim Lee Band as it is known now, was formed during late 2020. 


Tim met Will James through Monday night jam sessions at Posdersville Pub. He met Doug Henry also at the Pub during a performance. Tim wanted to do a side band gig to offset his solo performances so he asked if they would like to play with him and they both said yes.


The TLB plays once or twice a month. Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming dates. 

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Tim Lee

Vocals & Guitar

Pelzer, SC

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Doug Henry



Bass Guitar & Vocals

Central, SC

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Will James, Pickens SC


Will has, to date, performed with the great, Mark Wood, of Trans-Siberian fame, the legendary Laura Kaye, Jason Gianni (Drummer for The Ultimate Queen Extravaganza), Val Vigoda (Disney musical composer), Brett Ensley (award winning film composer), and Joy Holden (gospel artist). Will has also starred in several tv commercials. He is currently touring with "Shot Thru the Heart" -The Bon Jovi Experience, Sunset Strip, a glam rock band and will soon be releasing his own EP on multiple digital platforms. 

Will is driven, focused, yet insanely adaptable, and easy to work with. He leaves it all on the stage every single time!!